Our opening hours are 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12 noon Saturdays and Sundays.

It is important to us that all our pet customers enjoy their stay at Danewalk and are happy to come back. We enjoy giving each pet as much individual attention as we can. If this is the first time your pet has stayed in Kennels, or if a pet is at all scared or sad, we sit with them, talk to them, play with them, and maybe treat them to a few goodies until they settle.
Fireworks are becoming a nuisance virtually all year round, and most animals will be upset by the noise. On Bonfire Night, New Years Eve, or whenever necessary we will stay up with the animals, often well into the small hours, until things quieten down and we can once again settle them for the night.
We have our own one acre field, in which dogs are walked on stretchy leads, and a secure green area where dogs can run free for a while or play with us and with their toys. Our Cattery is quite tranquil, nice & warm and with piped music. Seven of the cat pens have a cat-flap into a secure outdoor run, seven are larger pens but have no outside run.
Dealing with any mess is of course a priority, so cleaning is a continuous operation throughout the day. Pens are thoroughly cleaned out every morning, and when a pet leaves, the pen is treated top-to-bottom with a special disinfectant which is the same product as used in many hospitals.
A typical day at Danewalk:
07:45 - 08:00Open up the kennels to let the dogs have access to their runs. Security check.
08:30Prepare first feeds and any morning medication. Open main gate to customers.
09:30Exercise - either a free run in the secure area or a walk in the field
11:00Cleaning, cleaning & more cleaning!
13:00Dogs exercise - either a free run in the secure area or a walk in the field. Cats playtime!
15:00 - 15:15tea break!
15:30afternoon feeds and any further medication
16:00Exercise and playtime - either a free run in the secure area or a walk in the field
18:00Gate closed to customers. Equipment cleaned, maintenance work & paperwork
20:00Final call-of-nature then all pets put to bed. Lockup & check that everyone is settled.
20:30Final tidy-up & security check.

Old Great North Road, Brotherton, Knottingley WF11 9ED. Telephone: 01977 674379