What is an FAQ?
FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions - its a list of answers to queries we hear every day.

What happened to your Guestbook?
We were continuously receiving junk or spam in our guestbook from internet advertising agencies, which I was deleting several times every day in order to keep it presentable. We had no control over this as btconnect has no guestbook filtering. Our only option was to take the guestbook offline and to invite comments by , which I will then enter manually into the Guestbook page. Once again, the inconsiderate few spoil it for the many respectable internet users. Please keep your comments coming by as we do love to hear from you!

What are your opening times?
We work 365 days a year, however the gates are only open to customers between 9am and 4 pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12 noon Saturday & Sundays.
Although we board as usual over Christmas, we are closed to visitors on 24th, 25th, 26th & 31st of December, and 1st January. We do not charge any extra over the Christmas period, and every pet receives plenty of festive treats.

What are your terms?
We're cash only as we have had so much trouble with returned cheques. Payment is on collection of your pet at the end of his stay.
There is a cash dispenser at our local Post Office in Byram, which is 2 minutes away by foot. It does charge a small fee.
Please note that we are unable to take credit cards, to do so would necessitate raising our prices, the card machines are so expensive.
Also please note that during peak periods, if you collect your dog before the due date, you will be charged the full amount for the scheduled stay. At peak times we require at least 7 days notice of cancellation, otherwise we reserve the right to charge for the scheduled stay. Similarly during peak periods, if through lack of vaccinations we are not able to take a pet, we reserve the right to charge for the scheduled stay.

What vaccinations are required?
Our licensing conditions dictate that we MUST see a current certificate of vaccination for each pet, covering distemper and parvovirus.
During peak periods, if through lack of vaccinations we are not able to take a pet, we reserve the right to charge for the scheduled stay.
We do not inist on the kennel cough vaccine however (BORDETELLA bronchiseptia, Infectious canine tracheobronchitis) - this is an option you should discuss with your vet. Kennel cough is very prevailent during the summer months, and as it is an airborne virus, it is almost impossible to isolate. It can be caught almost anywhere as it is extremely contagious and is found anywhere pets are present: shows, vets, grooming parlours, and of course in kennels. Although unpleasant for the animal, kennel cough is rarely a serious health risk, but should a dog be in distress or discomfort, we would of course take it to the vet. Click here for a Google search for information on Kennel cough. Regardless of whether you decide to board you pet at Danewalk, we would recommend the main vaccinations. If your pets vaccinations are not up to date, we would advise against trying to find a more "lax" boarding kennels who do not ask for a full vaccinations - its your pet that is at risk amongst other unvaccinated pets.
PLEASE NOTE: The Kennel Cough vaccine is a live vaccine, which means that for a few days your dog is carrying the virus.
For this reason, KC vaccinations must be administered AT LEAST 14 DAYS BEFORE VISITING THE KENNELS, or not at all.

What are your prices?
A full price list is available here

Can I come & see your facilities?
Of course, we operate an open door policy within our opening hours, but early mornings are particularly busy. We clean all day, so expect to see mops & buckets!

Are the dogs exercised together?
No, unless they are a family or family group and you have asked us to exercise them together.

Do I need to provide food or bedding for my pet during his stay?
No, we provide everything your pet needs, including Danewalk complete dogfood, Pal, and Whiskas meat & biscuit for cats.

My dogs are on a special diet, will they be able to eat normally?
Absolutely. We would never change a prescribed diet. Please ensure you bring enough food to cover your pets stay.

What if a pet becomes ill during its stay?
We have an excellent relationship with our vet and would not hesitate to take a pet should it be necessary. We have isolation pens for both cats and dogs.

How do most pets react to "first time" boarding or grooming?
Most pets do very well. We often suggest a trial visit to see how well your pet does before you actually have to leave him/her with us. Often in kennels a pet will not eat for a couple of days, and this is when we coax them into eating with scrambled eggs, cooked chicken or tuna.

My pet will pine while we're away - what can we do?
This is very unlikely, most pets do very well while boarding. Its more likely their owners who pine!!!!
Its quite a busy day for your pet whilst boarding, with all the walking, playing & cleaning and so boredom is rare. If a pet is truly feeling down, of course we'll spend more time with them to ensure they settle.

Our pet needs medication, will you administer it?
Part of the routine, daily commitment for many pets is medication. All medical requirements are recorded, and confirmed with the owner on arrival. We will ensure that your pet's tablets, creams, insulin injections etc are continued whilst you're away.

What type of exercise and attention will our pet receive?
We have a secure, fenced in lawn area of about 15 by 20 yards, in which dogs can run & play, and also a 1 acre field where they are walked on stretchy leads. Dogs much prefer grass and many boarding kennels have no grassed areas at all. We usually take a selection of tug-rings, balls etc into the field so that they each enjoy the maximum benefit from the walk. The field is fenced in and secure but we do not let dogs off the lead as the size of the field would make it difficult to retrieve them. Its quite interesting, as fields go, (!) mushrooms are prolific in several varieties, wild flowers, the occasional squirrel and many different birds.

What are your grooming facilities?
Grooming is by prior appointment and is done when time permits. If the kennels is busy, then it has to take priority and we may not have time to bath your pet. This is unfortunate and we do apologise but is unavoidable. If a pet does get himself really mucky, if time permits we will often give a complementary bath so he's fresh & clean for your return. Our grooming room is fully equipped with a low-level bath, shower unit and dryer.

How do your prices compare to other boarding kennels?
We feel that our prices are very competitive given the attention the pets recieve and the amount of time we spend with them. We don't 'price watch' other kennels - a full price list is available here.

Do you take in strays?
No. Strays may not be innoculated and could jeopardise the health of boarders. If you've found a stray, its best to talk to the Dog Warden or Rescue people listed on our links page.

Do you sell or buy animals?
No, we're purely a boarding kennels, we dont breed or rehome pets. Again, check with the rescue experts on our links page.

How do I make a reservation with your kennels?
By telephone on 01977 674379, by email to , or in person during our normal working hours.

Thankyou for visiting the Danewalk site and asking these questions.
If you have any further questions please call us on 01977 674379.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Old Great North Road, Brotherton, Knottingley WF11 9ED. Telephone: 01977 674379