Our staple diet for dogs is Danewalk Lamb and Rice which is a dry kibble, specially formulated for use in kennels. It is particularly easy to digest and can be served dry or dampened. Although this is a complete food in every respect, we can if you wish mix in some PAL to vary the taste. Danewalk Lamb & Rice is very popular with our customers and is available to buy in our shop area at 18.50 per sack. Should you wish you dog to try it out, a generous sample can be supplied free of charge. Danewalk Lamb & Rice has a reduced protein content compared to 'active' complete foods, to suit the more leasurely lifestyle your pet will be enjoying on holiday here at Danewalk!

Our cats are fed on Whiskas meat and Whiskas complete, in separate dishes. You may of course bring any preferred or 'special diet' food, but we cannot offer a discount since this actually involves more work for us at feeding times. Similarly, feel free to bring any treats or biscuits your pet enjoys.

We normally feed twice per day but will vary this to suit your own requirements. We ensure that clean, fresh water is available at all times.

Old Great North Road, Brotherton, Knottingley WF11 9ED. Telephone: 01977 674379