The following items have been left by customers at reception:
Peggy & Barneys furry elephant, hes missing his pals and wants to go home:

Red & white 'Boney' decorated dog bowl
Steel dog bowl, embossed 'Snooozeee'
Steel dog bowl, embossed with Paw prints
A tiny, tiny ted, about 3" high:

Squeaky red turtle
Snowman tug-rope
Furry mamoth
Hard yellow ball, labelled 'Zelah'
Orange pot 'meow' cat bowl
Turquoise pot 'CAT' bowl
Various cat-box doors
Various tupperware-type corn-flake dispensers
Various balls, tug-rings, tug-ropes, squeekies, etc...

To reunite your pet with his long-lost toy, please call, or email
Old Great North Road, Brotherton, Knottingley WF11 9ED. Telephone: 01977 674379