The PANDAS 10th Annual Single-Channel and Retro R/C Fly-In
IS ON! This is our first full-on meeting since Covid
but its happening!
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Discussion thread is on the Mode-Zero forum for S/C & Retro R/C fans.

There's something fascinating about Vintage R/C. The initial simplicity of flying rudder-only... but then the remarkable rate of development, sometimes electronic, more often mechanical... Kick-up elevator, Quick-blip throttle... this type of control became known as 'Bang-bang' since the control surfaces moved from one extreme to the other, all or nothing...
And then the arrival of Multi-channel radio. Reeds or tuned-filters gave separate channels for each movement, with aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle and elevator trim! Yes, you needed a separate servo for elevator trim. Thats why the other channels had no trim! All the while 'Proportional' radios were being developed...
From early magnetic actuators, through pulsed 'Galloping Ghost' to the early truly proportional analogue & digital sets... And now we go full circle, with Phil's 2.4ghz Single Channel emulation radios... exactly as it was then... but better!

Most of the equipment pictured on this site is our own, or has been at some stage, but we would welcome any photos and descriptions of your own, whether it be an immaculate collection or a carrier-bag of obsolete valves from the loft. We are constantly seeking more equipment for the collection, much of which we have restored both cosmetically and electrically. The culmination of this interest in simple Single Channel radio is the conversion of period Single Channel sets to 2.4g using Phil's custom electronics described on the projects and workshop pages.

Please take your time to browse the entire site, and if you enjoy your visit, contact us via the email address below.

Do please come back from time to time as the site is growing rapidly and we have lots more to add over the coming months.

Thank you!

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Join the Single Channel Revolution!
Phil Green & Shaun Garrity, of the Pontefract PANDAS club

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Last updated:
16/12/2020 Archive page - Added manuals M50-M54 from Mike Foster
10/09/2020 Archive page - Remcon 12 booklet rescanned (was missing page 8)
05/05/2020 Blog update - Lockdown project - homebrew FHSS NRF24 outfit
12/02/2020 Archive page - Tidied up the "7ch+S/C mix" V2 encoder & document, items P16a & P17a
02/02/2020 Added 2020 S/C & Retro R/C Event page, and link from index page
31/01/2020 Archive page - Added the 2ch version of the Digispark encoder, items P36 & P37
12/01/2020 Archive page - Added the updated GG encoder for period Rands, items P23a & P24a
07/12/2019 Archive page - Added the new "7ch+S/C mix" encoder & document, items P16a & P17a
29/10/2019 Archive page - Added the missing "DigiSpark 2+1 Propo Encoder" notes, item P25a
11/08/2019 Archive page - Added the "DigiSpark 3ch Propo Encoder" document
05/07/2019 Archive page - Blog update & added the "DigiSpark 3ch Propo Encoder" sketch to the Archive page
15/06/2019 Archive page - updated the "DigiSpark 4ch Propo Encoder" sketch & document
28/05/2019 Archive page - added "DigiSpark 4ch Propo Encoder" sketch & document
19/04/2019 Blog update - "DigiSpark fuse programmer"
28/02/2019 Archive page - added "Galloping Ghost Recoder for DigiSpark PCB & DRV8838"
20/02/2019 Archive page - updated "7ch+s/c mix" encoder document with DIY More 'Strong' PCB
20/02/2019 Blog update - belated!
03/02/2019 Archive page - added V-tail mixer for Digispark ATTiny85 board
02/02/2019 Archive page - added updated 2+1 encoder
22/01/2019 Header - added 2019 PANDAS S/C & Retro RC Event details
22/01/2019 Archive page - Ripmax Pathfinder instructions - new higher res scan
19/04/2018 Archive page - updated Reeduino doc P19 to include new DIY-More 'Strong' PCB
19/02/2018 Archive page - updated doc P20 and sketch P21, latest Digimac 1+1 version (Mk3).
11/10/2017 Archive page - added document P22, RDT encoder.
11/10/2017 Archive page - added document P20 & 21, updated Digimac 1+1 encoder. Blog update.
12/09/2017 Archive page - added Gem S/C instructions
15/05/2017 Blog update - a homebrew 'Servo Control' add-on for 'Alexa'
13/05/2017 Blog update - a homebrew TV Remote add-on for 'Alexa'
30/04/2017 Blog update - Amazon 'Alexa' and homebrew add-ons
16/04/2017 Updated the "7ch+S/C mix" encoder document to include the DIY-More board
06/03/2017 Propo page updated with Micron PL7D, Otto's video added to Galloping Ghost page
02/03/2017 Blog update - Frsky Hall-Effect gimbals
24/02/2017 Blog update - training birds of prey!
17/02/2017 Reeduino update
13/02/2017 Reeduino demo video, see blog
12/02/2017 Reeduino code & document update, see blog
04/02/2017 Blog update... more on the Reeduino
30/01/2017 Archive page - added Vtail & ATV to 12-channel Reeds with S/C mix. Item P18
15/01/2017 Archive page - added document for 12-channel Reeds Emulation Encoder with S/C mix. Item P19
11/01/2017 Archive page - added 12-channel Reeds Emulation Encoder with S/C mix. Item P18
05/12/2016 Archive page - added Remcon 12 full constructional booklet. Item M48
30/10/2016 Archive page - updated the 7ch encoder doc to include 'new ebay pcb'. Item P16
27/10/2016 Blog update - V-tail mixer for simultaneous output receivers
11/05/2016 Archive page - updated the 7ch encoder doc. Item P16
09/05/2016 Header - added PANDAS S/C & Retro RC Event details
25/11/2015 Archive page - yet another Frsky Bind-Board alternative. Item M46a
27/09/2015 Blog update... its been a while, sorry!
30/07/2014 Archive page - Kraft refit using new 7-channel propo encoder with S/C mix, demo videos and description
26/07/2014 Archive page - New 7-channel propo encoder with S/C mix document added
08/05/2014 Archive page - Tiny-6 Reeds document updated
05/05/2014 Archive page - Single Channel Emulation Encoder version 'N' document, also Blog update
17/04/2014 Index page - link to SAM35 new rules for 2014
21/03/2014 Index page - link to PANDAS Single-Channel & Retro R/C Fly-In
16/03/2014 Index page - link to new Single-Channel Forum updated
30/12/2013 Archive page - Frsky bind-board alternatives
29/12/2013 Archive page - 'Tiny-6' reeds emulation encoder document updated
14/12/2013 Blog update - the new 6-channel 'Tiny' reeds emulation encoder, with video
09/11/2013 'Pilot' sequential actuator instructions added to 'Archive' and 'S/C' pages
29/10/2013 Micron 'Elf' added to '2.4g conversions' page
29/10/2013 'Single Channel & Retro Radio Control' forum link added to index page
28/10/2013 MR200 conversion sequence aded to '2.4g Conversions' page
27/10/2013 Shauns 'Stockmann and Westley' S/C transmitters added to Single Channel page
27/10/2013 Climax Unimite S/C actuator instructions added to Archive page
24/10/2013 Gallatrol Galloping Ghost and Fleet audio sample added to GG page, blog update
20/10/2013 Micron 'Elf' S/C propo set added to S/C page
08/09/2013 Futaba Codemaster added to Single-Channel page. Ariel-8 added to Reeds page.
30/07/2013 Single-Channel & Retro R/C Fly-in event report, more pics added. Blog updated.
28/07/2013 Header page - added Single-Channel & Retro R/C Fly-in event report.
18/02/2013 Archive page - "Coder" document updated to show new PCB, these are ready to go.
03/02/2013 Home page - 2013 S/C & Vintage Radio meeting details added
03/02/2013 Archive page - blog update
25/01/2013 Archive page - added OS Minitron Single-Channel Proportional instructions
25/01/2013 Archive page - added Building an Adams-style Magnetic Actuator
25/01/2013 Archive page - added Macgregor Digimac II & III manual
22/01/2013 2.4g Conversions page - added a new Blog, for regular notes and project updates.
22/01/2013 Archive page - updated the Digimac 1+1 emulation encoder document, version I
12/01/2013 Archive page - "Escapement Emulator for period S/C sets" wiring diagram added
12/01/2013 Archive page - Documents numbered to assist identification
11/01/2013 Archive page - "Coder" document updated, added "Channel-Switch" document.
29/12/2012 Archive page - document updated - "Setting up stick pots for multi-channel encoders"
29/12/2012 2.4g Conversions page - Skyleader video added
29/11/2012 (1+1,2+1 and multi-channel proportional encoder details added to Archive page)
05/07/2012 (Inaugural Single-Channel Meeting report, pics & video)
29/05/2012 (Pulse Propo videos, more emulation encoder S/C tx builds)
13/03/2012 (John's REP Decatone 2.4g conversion)
13/03/2012 (1st July meeting update)
11/03/2012 (Video added to Single Channel page, photos & notes added to 2.4g conversions page)


Just a small sample of the huge variety of equipment on display at

In memory of David Boddington, who under the pseudonym "Button Man", pioneered Single Channel for the ordinary sports flyer.