Phil's Mills 1.3 and PAW 06 (1cc) diesels.
Mills 1.3 advert from long ago...
Davies Charlton (DC) Dart, Bantam, Wasp, Merlin & Super Merlin
DC Dart, Bantam & Wasp
Two Spitfires & a Sabre
DC Rapiers with water-cooling jacket for marine use
DC 350 Diesel and Letmo 0.6cc diesel
Frog 150, Yin Yan Silver Swallow 2.47, Yin Yan 1.49, Mike Clanford 0.24, Indian Mills .75, Yin Yan 1.5, Keil Kraft Cobra, Wen Mac & AM 049, Enya .09, Early OS Pet .06, later OS Pet .06, Frog 80 Mk2, ED Baby 0.46cc, two ED Bees 1cc, MK 17 Russian diesel
Cox collection: Babe Bees, Tee Dees, Pee Wees, Medallions, etc
NSU/OS Mk1 Wankel rotary, Arne Hende Eisfeld replica, Gilbert Thunderhead side-port glow...
PAW (Progress Aero Works) collection... plus an AE 1.49, ED Comp Special 2cc, Fixed compression Owatt diesel 5cc copy of the French Micron, K&B Stallion 35,
Mills 1.3 with R/C carb, and 0.75 diesels
Allen Mercury (AM) diesels plus a 15 glow by Premier
Jetex motors and an unusual Jetex toy speedboat.
OS petrol spark ignition engine, once flown in Shaun's Stentorian, and an Arne Hende replica Stentor that inspired the Phil Smith "Stentorian". All Arne Hende engines were made to order in very small quantities.
CO2 motors, including a horizontally-opposed twin...
Early electric-flight motors. Astro-flight were one of the first with cobalt magnets. British-made KP01 and KP02 lightweights, micro-EDF unit and the self-powered Mabuchi A1 power module.
More early electric motors. MFA advertised their 'Hummingbird 15' (top left) as the equivalent of a 2.5cc diesel.
Similarly they claimed 5cc equivalent performance from the 'Bullet 30'.
Both claims were, shall we say, 'optimistic'.
The Geared Speed 600 from Graupner was by contrast a very successful powerplant. All three are brushed motors.

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