A selection of Shauns many, many kits. These were all very stable and dependable fliers, intended for either Single-Channel radio control, or Free-Flight.
More Veron kits - the Impala was (and remains) one of the best introductory Slope-Soarers of all time, and the Galahad broke the mould of high-wing trainers.
A few Single Channel kits, KeilKraft and Veron
My first ever model, a Keil-Kraft Phantom Mite.
KK Chief, Comet, Caprice, Soarer Baby and Jetex powered Flying Scale
Just to show that ARTF is nothing new, from decades ago we have three Free-Flight models available in ready-to-fly form. This first one, the Warneford, is from 1935:
Bowen Tiger Twin
And an old ready-to-fly Jetex powered delta
Graupner Foka slope soaring glider
Stratos by Aeronaut
Ripmax Ivinghoe slope soaring glider
Veron Control-Line kits: Bee-Bug, Colt, Stunter & Provost
Veron Vespa Mini-Biplane
Keil Kraft Control-Line kits: Marquis, Demon, Radian & Champ
Davies Charlton control-line 'Chipmunk'; Keil Kraft 'Phantom' and 'Phantom Mite'; KK 'Skystreak' and Mercury 'Midge' C/L speed model.
More control-liners: Minilord was a smaller Warlord, Ringmaster, Combat Kittens and Baby Flite Streak

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Phil Green & Shaun Garrity, of the Pontefract PANDAS club

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