PANDAS 10th Single Channel & Retro R/C Fly-in 2022

Hello at last button-pushers, after what seems a lifetime we're back!

We have a date for the 10th Single Channel & Retro R/C Fly-in at Pontefract Park, with hosts PANDAS, the Pontefract And District Aeromodellers Society. Our club website is where all the coming seasons events are listed.

This year's meeting is on Saturday & Sunday, May 28th & 29th 2022 so please keep those dates clear!

You'll recall that last year, between lock-downs we did manage to squeeze in a modest event whilst much of the whole
R/C calendar fell victim to Covid. This year we're back to full strength!

Since 2010 our small band of Single Channel & Retro enthusiasts has grown and grown and we now have a multitude of S/C friends all over the world, all coordinated via our dedicated forum:

For 2022 we’re expecting lots of welcome new faces, new models, and lots of fascinating new gear too – via the S/C forum we've seen a variety of new S/C, Reeds and Propo conversions, and more have taken up the 'Galloping Ghost' and 'Pulse proportional' challenge - if you've never seen a Galloping Ghost setup, then you're in for a treat!

We have Saturday the 28th as an open electric-only fun-flying day (IC permitted only for C/L on Saturday), whilst Sunday the 29th sees the actual S/C and Retro RC event - nothing too formal, we'll no doubt have the very popular and just-for-fun spot landing comp, and a few prizes for anything special that catches our eye! 

On the day we will be joined as usual by Wes and the SAM35 lads, flying concurrently with the S/C and Retro enthusiasts.

Every year we have an optional 'theme' session – previously we had the 'Sharkfest', a full squadron of Mercury Galahads,
the formation Veron Impalas, the 'Boddo' theme, Blunderbird Racing - and the unique Vic Smeed Pulstar theme,
with the theme details not released until 2 weeks before the event, we had a last-minute build frenzy!

This year's theme takes us back to our roots, recreating the very first S/C & Retro meeting ten years ago.
To take part in this section (of many!) you'll need any period=appropriate S/C or rudder-only model, optionally with
throttle or kick-up elevator, just like we flew back in the day.
Of course the theme is just one event of many and throughout the day any s/c, retro or vintage models are welcome to fly,
remembering that Saturday is 'electric only'.

The main objective as usual is to get everyone interested in retro-R/C flying together for equal amounts of banter and button-bashing fun!

Once again we are privileged to have Andrew Boddington join us, please say Hi to Andrew as 'Aeromodeller' magazine has been very supportive of our cause lately! We're hoping Alex W will be along too, with his cameras and spare batteries!

The event rules are the same as previous years, ie simple and few! Safety is of course paramount and PANDAS is a BMFA affiliated club so procedures will follow the BMFA rulebook and the CAP658 responsibility statement with which of course we're all familiar.

Eligibility for the Single-Channel event isnt hard and fast but we suggest that models ought to have either:

1) A single control on the transmitter, ie a button, or one single axis stick, basically a recognisable 'single channel' transmitter, with no limit on 'compound' control surfaces.
2) A single controlled surface, ie a rudder, no other control surfaces. This accommodates anyone with a rudder-only model using one channel of a conventional, modern proportional radio set.
Ailerons-only is ok of course - previously we've had a fantastic 'X-Craft' aileron-only aerobatic displays!

Alongside the S/C event, Reeds, Galloping Ghost, Pulse-Propo and retro proportional sets are of course very welcome too.

Electrics or IC engines are ok, but a throttle control or a means of remotely cutting the engine of a wayward model is desirable.
We would also suggest that 27mhz superhets should be used with caution as we are 600 metres from the M62 with the possibility of CB-equipped lorries passing at any time, and obviously super-regen equipped models would be very welcome for display purposes only, but for safety reasons not to fly, sorry. Other bands, ie 35, UHF & 2.4 are fine at Ponty.

Once again we will also have a busy Control-Line circle with Dave Cowburn demonstrating his stunting skills and possibly at Daves discretion, the odd have-a-go session.

Updates and further information will be posted on the Mode-Zero forum and also on as the plans develop. So, we have a date, we just need the weather!

The PANDAS committee have devolved event organisation to members, so any queries regarding location, facilities & organisation, to Shaun AND Phil (please cc both). This will ensure you get a reply (or two!):

Pontefract Park is located in the southwest corner of junction 32 of the M62. Access is via a huge white gate 1/4 mile south towards Pontefract. Please refer to the map provided on and for satnav the nearest post-code is WF8 4QD.

Last year's 'furthest travelled' award went to Tobe who just popped in from Sweden, who knows what 2022 will bring! We're very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day, its going to be fantastic again!

Best regards
Phil & Shaun
(pp PANDAS Committee)