These are just a few of the hundreds of projects completed over the years.
They range from simple items like the servos exerciser which anyone could build, to quite complex projects such as the homebrew radio outfits.
If you fancy trying a hand at any of these, I can supply pre-programmed chips for anything PIC-based, and the occasional PCB, although (sorry) I cant produce PCBs in quantity - its a messy manual process. Email for details.

Retract Sequencer
Phil's own-design proportional sets from the 1970's. The two-stick transmitter has home-made stick units!
Dual-receiver adapter for non-diversity radios.
Homewbrew 433mhz telemetry module, reports lipo voltage in flight.
Phil's current transmitter project based on 1970 Kraft mechanics and a PIC encoder.
180-degree servo extenders, double the normal servo travel. Intended for FPV camera panning but has many other uses.
Variable-rates and travel volume mod to the Radiolink T4U.

The servo exerciser module. Gives a servo an hours workout as a reliability test. 'Build' video below.
This servo exerciser, built for Zim, drives 10 servos at once.
Phil's Single Channel Emulation encoder. "One of my favourite projects ever". Weeks of TLC and lovingly hand-crafted assembler...
The Single Channel Emulation encoder can also be used as a buddybox student on any compatible transmitter by feeding PPM into the trainer socket. Heres a specifically made S/C buddybox, which was also used for the Flight-Simulator sessions shown elsewhere.
Shauns recently finished 27mhz ABC carrier-wave valve tarnsmitter. These were a very popular home project back in the days of warm valves and HT batteries. It works surprisingly well and has a terrific output.
And inside the ABC transmitter. Everything is built as it would have been 'back in the day'
And to go with it, Shaun has built a 27mhz 'Aeromodeller' valve receiver. Of course, it works great!
To help with the setting up, he also built a matching wavemeter which is a kind of RF indicator:
And inside the wavemeter - tuned circuit, diode detector, and a meter.
Shauns home made Nicad charger, with peak or temperature charge termination, and current or temperature display.
Shauns Field Kit, there's everything here you could possibly needed 30 years ago...
And inside the Field Kit.

Single-Channel Compound Actuator Emulator for period S/C sets:
Phil's Reeds Emulation Encoder is complete, and the prototype set has seen over a hundred flights now. Shaun has also used one to convert an old RCS Comp 10 set and has flown it in his Weekender and Mini-Concorde...
The Reeds encoder has up to 12 emulated channels, proper simultaneous servo-slow on all functions to emulate the old bonner reed servos, servo reversing throughout, trim on all channels (cheating, should only be on elevator, but why not?), a second aileron output (to avoid Y leads), is fully simultaneous (of course it should be limited to bi-simul, but again... why not?), has a range-test sweep mode, configuration saved to flash, schottky module output, buddy output, etc
Its written entirely in assembler and has been extensively flight tested.

Join the Single Channel Revolution!
Phil Green & Shaun Garrity, of the Pontefract PANDAS club

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