Retro RC Duration Rules - SAM35/PANDAS 2014

This competition is based on the traditional free flight duration competitions but with the use of RC to land back within the field.
The permitted engine run depends on the model type and power.

  • Open to any ‘retro‘ model, electric or IC powered, hand launched or ROG
  • 3 rounds to a 5 minute maximum, with a fly-off if necessary
  • Engine run times:
Max. capacity/wattageSport modelsComp. models
1cc / 100watts30 secs25 secs
3.5cc / 250watts25 secs20 secs
Open / 650watts20 secs15 secs

  • Competition’ models are high performance types designed for duration competitions (e.g. pylon models). ‘Sport’ models are lower performance types (e.g. cabin models). The CD will adjudicate.
  • In the event of an engine over-run or an aborted flight of less than one minute, one further attempt is allowed per round.
  • Models must be landed back in the designated RC flying field.

Retro RC Precision Rules - SAM35/PANDAS 2014

This is a Bowden type competition with a take-off, climb and then glide to achieve a target flight time, but for RC has the added requirement to land back at the take-off point. It is a ‘fun’ competition with the minimum of rules so that anyone can have a go.

  • Mark out the landing area by positioning 8 markers on the flight line, as shown in the diagram, with approximately 12 paces between each marker (both along and across the flight line). This does not have to be accurate as it will be the same for all competitors. The spacing can be tailored to suit local conditions and the degree of difficulty sought. The markers can be small plastic flags or paper plates pinned to the ground, etc, so as to avoid any damage to models.

  • Competitors must take-off or hand launch the model from the centre position, cut the engine either before or at a maximum of 1 minute from the start of the take-off roll or launch, and then glide back and land. The aim is for the model to come to a rest in the centre box exactly 2 minutes after the start. In the event of an engine over-run, one further attempt is permitted.
  • The flight score is the landing position score (shown in the diagram) added to the deviation (in seconds) from the target of 2 minutes. A number of rounds may be flown and the lowest total score wins. A competitor failing to qualify in a round is awarded a score of 5 more than the highest qualifying score in that round.
  • The landing position is deemed to be where the nose of the model comes to rest. The CD will adjudicate if this is on a line sighted between markers. A crash landing, in which the model does not remain intact or upright, is given a landing position score of 15.
  • Pilots should be assisted by a timekeeper calling out the time during the flight.
  • Any ‘retro’ model may be entered, electric or IC powered but the use of any form of braking, mechanical or aerodynamic (including flaps), is prohibited.

The flights demand only basic flying skills but the precision required to achieve a low score is another matter.

Retro Single Channel Spot Landing Rules SAM35/PANDAS 2014

This is a simple ‘fun’ competition with a take-off, climb and then glide to land as close as possible to the designated spot. The winner is the one who lands closest to the spot.

  • Any single channel ‘Retro’ model may be entered, electric or IC powered, hand launched or ROG.
  • The designated landed spot will be marked on the flight line.
  • The minimum engine run from launch or start of take off roll must be 45 seconds.
  • The aim is to land with the nose of the model coming to a rest as as close as possible to the spot.
  • In windy weather the CD may reduce the minimum engine run to 30 seconds.
  • The number of rounds to be flown will be specified by the CD.
  • In the event of a short engine run, one further attempt is permitted in each round.
  • The overall result is based on the single best flight by each competitor.

Download the rules as PDF files: Retro Duration, Retro Precision, Retro S/C Spot-Landing

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