This area will list the bits you need if you want to join in and build any of these S/C projects...
It will include build details, photos, videos, etc...
There's no online 'shop' as such but email Phil (address below) if you need to source any of the project PICs/kits/components/PCBs etc.
This isnt done for profit, most projects are done barely above cost, but an awful lot of work has gone into their development.
Everything listed here is Phil's original work, the hardware & software designs, coding, Printed Circuit Boards, documentation, etc.

Phil's Emulation Encoders
These small modules create a standard positive-going PPM stream and emulate the old radios of the 60's.
Single Channel Emulation Encoder, full project including PCB. Very easy to use yet comprehensive and accurate emulation of Compound and Sequential operation. Features 3 optional motor-run timers with audio & visual countdown & soft start, travel volume adjust, individual servo reversing, two range test modes, and sequential (rudder only) or compound emulation (rudder, kick-up elevator & quick-blip throttle) with red/green left/right LED, motor on/half/full LED, and the ability to drive a 'real' period escapement if required via a channel switch (see below). See the videos on the 2.4 conversions page.
Optional Coder project. This does all the pulse timing for you, for left, right, kick-up elevator & quick-blip throttle, just like the Macgregor Codamac or Staveley "Tonelock" Coder transmitter. Suits the S/C Emulation encoder and simply plugs into the PCB in place of the 'button'.
Channel Switch module Uses a 3amp mosfet, enables the use of a genuine period rubber escapement with the new 2.4 Ghz Single Channel sets.
Reeds emulation encoder
The reeds emulation encoder has 12 emulated channels, proper simultaneous servo-slow on all functions to emulate the old bonner reed servos, servo reversing throughout, trim on all channels (cheating, should only be on elevator, but why not?), a second aileron output (to avoid Y leads), is fully simultaneous (of course it should be limited to bi-simul, but again... why not?), a range-test mode, schottky module output, buddy output, etc
Its written entirely in assembler and has been extensively flight-tested.

Phil's Actuator Emulators
These units interface a modern servo to the relay of an old Single Channel set. They mimic a genuine escapement exactly.
Single Channel sequential actuator emulator module. This converts a modern micro-servo into a working single-channel sequential actuator.
Single Channel selective actuator emulator module. This converts a modern micro-servo into a working single-channel selective actuator.
Single Channel Full-House Compound module, drives 3 servos (or 2 and an ESC) for Rudder, kick-up elevator & quick-blip throttle from a S/C receiver relay

Servo Accessories
Servo exerciser module drives a servo in a variety of movement patterns to soak test it for one hour. A DIY project using a PIC.
Servo travel doubler drives a standard servo to 180 degrees IF it is physically capable (otherwise reduce tx travel volume slightly). 1uS resolution.

Phil: Please bear in mind that this isnt a commercial venture, its done for fun and education, but I do need to cover my costs. The quality of my PCBs can be seen in the photos seen on this site, they are handmade so please dont expect commercial standards. The Single Channel Emulation Encoder PCBs are commercial.

Please note and assess for yourselves:
All projects & parts are made available on the basis that they are for experimental and educational use only. Although the encoders are 100% functional and fully compatible with most 2.4g RF modules including Corona(for Futaba), Corona(DIY), Frsky(for Futaba), Frsky(DIY), genuine Futabas, and Spektrum etc, it's unfortunate that this has to be said but in todays litigious society, for legal & compliance reasons I cannot condone their use in a flying model. If you choose to do so, it is entirely at your own risk, and any compliance concerns regarding equipment you have assembled are your responsibility not mine. Sorry, but it had to be said - such is 'progress' and blind faith in all things bearing 'CE'.

Join the Single Channel Revolution!

Phil Green & Shaun Garrity, of the Pontefract PANDAS club

For more information, please email